How to manage HYPER-V Host Remotely

One of the Best Practices in HYPER-V Host is to don't connect direct in the Server but use Remote Server Administrative Tools to manage the Servers. Today i will explain how can Manage HYPER-V Host remotely from your Workstation/Laptop.

Before proceed to install HYPER-V Management Tools you must consider that you can't connect remotelty from a Workstation/Laptop with HYPER-V Management Tools if the server has Windows Server 2012 and the Workstation/Laptop has Windows 7.

In general you can't use older Windows to connect with HYPER-V Manager in most recent version of Windows OS. But the opposite you can do it


Firewall Ports that required to connect remotely in Hyper-v Manager

Before start to enable Hyperv Manager in the Workstation/Laptop  you must open the Port tcp/135 in your Firewall if it's turn on

Enable Hyper-v Manager

After open the required Ports in Firewall then it's time to enable Hyper-v Manager in Workstation/Laptop or another Windows Server.


  • Right click in Start - - - > Control Panel
  • Select Programs
  • Click Turn Windows Features on or off

  • Expand HYPER-V
  • Tick HYPER-V Management Tools
  • Click OK.

  • Wait to enable the feature. and click Close

Connect Remotely with Hyper-v Manager 

After enable successfull Hyper-v Manager it's time to connect in Hyper-v Host Remotely and Manage all the Virtual Machines.

  • Now go again in Control Panel.
  • Select System & Security and click Administrative Tools
  • Find and click in HYPER-V Manager

  • From the left side right click in Hyper-v Manager and select Connect to Server.

  • Type the Server Name and click OK.

  • As you can see i have connect with HYPER-V Host and can see all the Virtual Machines.
  • Now i can manage Virtual Machines and Hyper-v Settings from my Workstation without need to connect direct in Hyper-v Host



It's very easy without complexity and you can do it in 5 minutes. 

The only thing that you must consider is that you can't connect with HYPER-V Manager remotely in Windows Server with earlier version of your Workstation/Laptop.

Let's try it and start to manage your HYPER-V Host from your Laptop.

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