How to manage & monitoring HYPER-V Server Core with Windows Admin Center

Most of the times when you have install a HYPER-V Server already have a Domain Controller and you have join your HYPER-V Host in the Domain.

But sometimes you need to install the HYPER-V Server Core Version in Workstation because you don't have a Domain to join yet.

The most common case is when you will setup a HYPER-V Server Core for the first time in a new environment.

 Today i will describe how can manage and monitoring a HYPER-V Server Core 2016 with Windows Admin Center.

You can find another ways to manage with HYPER-V Manager but i believe this is the quicker and most reliable.

So let's start.

How to install Windows Admin Center

Before start you must already have a Workstation/PC with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 in the same network with the HYPER-V Host.

When you have prepare the Workstation/PC then you must download and install Windows Admin Center which is very easy.

You can find all the instructions in the article Windows Admin Center (Project Honolulu) — Setup Guide .

If you want more details then you can download the Free eBook - How to Get the Most Out of Windows Admin Center which written by Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter MVP Eric Siron


How to add the HYPER-V Server Core 2016 in Windows Admin Center

When you are ready it's time to add HYPER-V Server Core in Windows Admin Center.

  • Open the Windows Admin Center
  • Click Add from the Top Menu
Windows Admin Center All Connections


  • Click Add in Windows Servers
Windows Admin Center - Add Resources


  • Type the Ip Address of the Server because it's not in the Domain and maybe can't resolve the computer name.
Windows Admin Center - Found Server


  • Wait a few seconds until found the HYPER-V Server Core. When it will ask for credential give the administrator credentials that used to connect in the Server
  • When you add successful the Server you can see in the Managing as field that it's not from the Domain Administrator .
  • Click on it to open the Dashboard .
Windows Admin Center - Verify new connection


  • Wait a few seconds until load all the details and you will see an Overview of the Server.
Windows Admin Center - Server Manager


Let's go to the next step !!

How to manage and monitoring HYPER-V Server Core in Windows Admin Center

From now on you can manage and monitoring the HYPER-V Server Core directly from the Windows Admin Center.

Let's take a look what we can do

Regarding the monitoring you can 

  • Check the Event Viewer Logs to maintain your Server for issues if you don't have a central SIEM
Windows Admin Center - Server Events


  • You can open the Firewall and check Status and all the Rules. Of course you can change settings but you must be very careful when you talk about Firewall configuration. Especial in the HYPER-V Host
Windows Admin Center - Server Firewall


  • You can monitoring the Processes  but you can also start/stop processes .
Windows Admin Center - Processes


The menu has lot of options that you can try it and find what is the most suitable for you.

Regarding the management find out some of the abilities that you have

  • Go in the bottom and click Virtual Machines
  • The first Tab Summary include HYPER-V Logs only from Event Viewer. 
Windows Admin Center - Virtual Machine Status


  • If you go down you will see Graphs for CPU/RAM from Host and Guest
Windows Admin Center - Virtual Machines


  • But the best is in the Tab Inventory.
  • Click on it  to find the management of Virtual Machines as in HYPER-V Manager
  • You can Start/Stop Virtual Machines.
  • You can change any settings from your Virtual Machines.
Windows Admin Center - Virtual Machine More Status


  • You can manage Virtual Switches as in HYPER-V Manager
Windows Admin Center - Virtual Switches


  • You can manage Updates,Storage,Schedule Tasks and more ...

As you can understand with the Windows Admin Center you can have full control of your HYPER-V Server Core in Workstation or in a Domain.

Either with any Windows Server Core to simplify the management and monitoring.

Windows Admin Center It's a great tool for remote management but i believe need some improvements in GUI.

I hope to find my article valuable and help you to resolve a big problem with the management of Windows Servers Core

Have a nice weekend !!

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