How to monitoring a Service of a VM which belongs in a Failover Cluster

As IT Pro you must have in a place a monitoring solution for all your workloads or at least for the most important.

Today we can find a lot of monitoring tools in the market that can use in our environment to protect the High Importance Applications or Servers that must be online anytime.

But for IT Pro that they don't have in place any monitoring tool or the monitoring tool that has it's very basic you can use a feature in the Windows Server 2016 only in Failover Clustering that can monitoring Services or Event Logs that maybe trigger a specific VM.

Let's see it in action

  • Open the Failover Cluster Manager
  • Right click in the Virtual Machine that you want to monitoring a service
  • Select More Actions -- Configure Monitoring


  • Select the Service that you want to monitoring and click OK


  • Of course you can do it with Powershell

Add-ClusterVMMonitoredItem -VirtualMachine DC1 -service vss


  • If you want to delete the Monitoring Item from the VM you can use the following Powershell commands

Get-ClusterVMMonitoredItem -VirtualMachine DC1

Remove-ClusterVMMonitoredItem -VirtualMachine DC1 



  • Base on the Virtual Machine Failover Configuration when the service failed or stop then will trigger the process of the failover
  • The Virtual Machine  Failover Configuration you can find it as follow
  • Click in the VM and go in the bottom
  • Click in Resources Tab
  • Expand the Virtual Machine
  • Right click in the Virtual Machine Configuration -- Properties


  • Click in Tab Policies and you can find exactly what will happened if a resource fail


  • If you want to remove the Monitoring Service from the VM with right click in the VM go in More Actions -- Configure Monitoring
  • Uncheck the Service and click OK


I hope to learn something today from my article

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