How to prepare MDT for In Place Upgrade to Windows 10 2004

After release of Windows 10 v.2004 there are lot of issues when proceed with an In Place Upgrade from MDT. 

Today i will explain step by step which is the right steps to proceed when you want to do an In Place Upgrade to Windows 10 2204.

Base on Microsoft in article the problem is that the BIOS firmware type is incorrectly identified as UEFI resulting in failures when refreshing an existing computer with a new version of Windows.

If you want to avoid the troubleshooting or resolve the error and upgrade your Windows 10 without problem you must proceed with the following steps.


How to install Windows ADK and WinPE in MDT

Windows 10 2204 request new version of Windows ADK and WinPe in your MDT evironment.

Because Windows ADK has not update process must uninstall the old version and install the new one.

  • Before proceed go in Program and Features and identify the version of your Windows ADK and WinPE.
  • If the version it's not 10.1.19041.1 then uninstall the Windows Assesment and Deployment Kit and WinPE 



  • Follow the steps from the article How to upgrade MDT to the latest version 8456  in Paragraph Upgrade ADK version ....  and Install Windows PE as separate add-on to proceed with the installation of Windows ADK and WinPe
  • When finish with the installation open the MDT.
  • Right click in MDT Deployment Share and select Update Deployment Share.
  • It will take some time to finish.


How to install the MDT Update for Windows 10 2004


  • Copy the  x86 and x64 folders from the MDT_KB4564442 to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Distribution\Tools
  • Open the MDT
  • Right click in MDT Deployment Share and select Update Deployment Share.


  • Check in Complete regenerate the Boot Image.


  • Click Next and proceed with the Update 


  • Wait until finish


How to download the Windows 10 2204 ISO

Depends of your Licenses that you have you can download the Windows 10 2004 ISO File.

In case that you will download the Windows 10 2004 from you must follow the steps in How to perform an In-Place Upgrade to Windows 10 with MDT from the Paragraph How to create install.wim from install.esd to be available import the Windows OS in MDT


How to import Windows 10 OS in MDT

In case that you are new in MDT you can follow the steps in How to Deploy a Windows 10 Custom Image with MDT from Paragraph Import OS in MDT

Unless you can proceed in the next Paragraph.


How to proceed with an In Place Upgrade 

Now it's time to proceed with the In Place Upgrade to Windows 10 2004


I hope to help you resolve your errors with an In Place Upgrade of Windows 10 2004

Have a nice weekend!!!

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