How to prepare your Backups with Acronis Backup 12.5 for HYPER-V - Review

Backup and Restore is one of the most important tasks for IT Pro in our days. We must be prepare any time to prevent downtime and damages in company that works quickly.

To achieve this we must have in place a good Backup Software and a Plan to Restore hyper-v vm from backup  regularly.

As member of the IT community i like to test different Backup Software's in our Lab to find what can or can't do.

Today i will proceed with the Acronis Backup 12.5 Review and test how can backup a vm in hyper-v.

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Lab Infrastructure

For the requirements of the Article i have create the following infrastructure

  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 Standard as HYPER-V Host 
  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 as Domain Controller - Virtual Machine
  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 as Acronis Backup Management Server - Virtual Machine
  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 as File Server - Virtual Machine

  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 as Exchange Server - Virtual Machine

  • 1 x Windows Server 2016 as Remote Desktop Server - Virtual Machine


For the System Requirements

For the Firewall

  • Make sure that you have open the following ports in your Firewall betwwen Acronis Management Backup Server and HYPER-V Host
    • TCP port 43234 for remote installation and remote upgrade (TCP port 9876 has been used prior to Update 2 of Acronis Backup 12.5)
    • TCP ports 445 and 25001 for remote installation
    • TCP ports 5905, 7780, 7755, 7756, 7765, 9852, 9860, 9862, 9876, 9877 for communication between components
    • TCP ports 9850 and 9851 for command line (acrocmd, acropsh) commands
    • TCP port 6109 for Active Protection



As we know first of all we must download setup file to start the installation.

  • So download the Acronis Application from Acronis Web Site
  • Start  to run the AcronisBackup12.5_web file to start the installation
  • Check the Accept terms ...... and click Proceed
Setup Acronis Backup 12.5 - Step 1


  • Leave the first option Install a backup agent and Acronis Backup Management Server and click Install Acronis Backup
Setup Acronis Backup 12.5 - Step 2


  • Wait until finish the installation
Setup Acronis Backup 12.5 - Step 3


  • After finish the installation click Close
Setup Acronis Backup 12.5 - Step 4


  • Then will open the Web Browser to Sign in to Acronis Backup Management Server.
  • If you get the following error while try to Sign in
Error while try to sign in to Acronis Backup Management Server


  • Open the Computer Management and add the user that try to login in Acronis Backup Management Server in the Group Acronis Centralized Admins.
How to import administrator in Acronis Centralized Group


  • Log off/Log in again and Sign in again to Acronis Backup Management Server


How to prepare Acronis for your First Backup 


After login Acronis Backup Management Server  we must start to prepare the configuration for the Backups of your Servers.

What is the first thing that we must configure ?

Of course Backup Storage that will use for the Backups.

  • Click on BACKUPS from the Menu at the left
  • Click Add Location


  • You will see lot of different options like Cloud Storage,Local Folder , Network Folder , Storage Node and more... but today we will use Network folder base on my Infrastructure as you read in the beginning.
  • Click Network Folder
  • Type the path of your share folder that you have prepare for your backups in your NAS or in any other Location that use.
  • Click Enter. Type your credentials if your share folder protected with specific access.
  • Wait a few seconds until find it
  • Verify the connection and click Done.


  • Now let's go to install the Agent in the HYPER-V Host to have access in all Virtual Machines.
  • Click on Devices
  • Click on Add


  • Select the HYPER-V 


  • Fill all the details that request
  • Click ADD


  • Note that the most problems in case of a network issues is the Firewall that block the ports
  • Be sure that you are allow all the appropriate ports in the HYPER-V Host to install remotely the Agent
  • When install successful the Agent go back again.
  • Click from Menu Devices -- HYPER-V
  • Now you can see all the Virtual Machines


  • The last step is to create a Plan as Acronis has decide to give the name for the Jobs
  • Click on Plans
  • Click on Create a Plan


  • Here you can find all the details (DEVICES,WHERE TO BACKUP,SCHEDULE,ENCRYPTION , AND MORE ....)that you must configure in order to complete the Plan successful.
  • You can configure the Plan base on your Requirements
  • After finish the configuration you can backup vm from the hyper-v


  • The first option WHAT TO BACKUP give you lot of possibilities base on what you want to backup.



  • When you are ready click Create.
  • For this article i create  few Plans for specific Servers and schedule it to take backups every day



Now if you go in the Overview -- Dashboard you will see some Statistics which created by Acronis


These are the basic Steps to start Backup your Servers and the first View of Acronis Backup 12.5.

I will continue to test Acronis Backup 12.5 and periodical publish my experience.


Have a nice weekend !!

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