How to Restore Windows Image Backup in Different Windows Server

Windows Backup it's a feature of Windows Server that can use it for basic requirements. Windows Backup take a System Image of your Server and you can't Restore individual files but the full Server. 

I decide to write this Article because i would like to share with you how can use Windows Backup and Restore it in different Server when you don't have any other option.

Let's take a look in my Scenario. I am in progress to convert my Servers from Esxi to HYPERV. I have one Server with Sql Server, ERP Application and lot of customization. I can't Restore Backup because my Backup Software it takes backups from Esxi. I can't install new Windows Server in HYPERV and migrate it because has configurations in database and in ERP that has be done from ERP Company. 

I have 2 solutions.

  1. Wait ERP Company to do all the installations and configurations from the beginning in new Server with extra cost.
  2. Use Windows Backup and Restore it in Windows Server.

I will follow the second solution because it's faster and without cost. 

So let's start !!!

Install Windows Server Backup Feature

  • Select Manage - - > Add Roles and Features.
  • Click Next in the first Screen of Setup Wizard (Before you Begin).

  • Select Role-based or feature-based installation.

  • Leave the default settings and click Next.

  • In Server Roles Click Next without add any Role


  • Go down , check the Windows Server Backup and click Next.

  • Click Install and Wait to finish the Installation   

Backup the Server with Windows Server Backup

  • After finish the installation go back in Server Manager and click Tools - - > Windows Server Backup.

  • Click Local Backup and from the right side select Backup Once or Backup Schedule if you want to Schedule your Backup.
  • Base on the scenario we use Backup Once.
  • Click Backup once.

  • Leave the Default Options and click Next.


  • Of course will proceed with Full Server Backup. Click Next.

  • Select Remote Share Folder and click Next.

  • Specify the Location of your Remote Share Folder and in Access Control select Inherit to has access in backup everybody which can access in Remote Folder. For this scenario i choose this option.
  • But if you use Windows Backup daily as your Backup soution it's recommended to select the first option. Click Next.

  • Click Backup.

  • Wait to finish. The time that need is base on the Windows Server storage size.


Restore Windows Server Image in Different Server.

If you want to Restore Windows Backup in the same Server the process it's simple. Open Windows Server Backup click from the right side Restore and follow the Wizard.

The only thing that must remember is that when specify the Location of the Windows Backup must be the root folder. For example if you have take backup in \\\backups then you must specify the same folder and not the WindowsImageBackup folder which created after  the Backup completed.

Because in our Scenario will try to restore the Window Backup in  Different Windows it's more complicated. So let's start

  • Create a new Virtual Machine in HYPERV or Read the article Create Virtual Machine in Windows 8,1 with HYPER-V .
  • If the VM is Generation 1 then after create the VM must delete the Network Adapter and create a new Legacy Network Adapter. The reason is because Legacy Network Adapter can work without installing the network drivers.
    If you keep the Network Adapter when you  try to Recover the Server can't connect to the network.because will not has drivers for network card to connect and restore the Backup.
  • So go in Settings of then Virtual Machine delete the Network Adapter and create the new Legacy Network Adapter

  • Configure the DVD Drive to boot from Windows Server 2012 iso and Boot the Virtual Machine..
  • After Boot and start the Windows Server Setup Wizard click Next.

  • Click Repair your Computer.

  • Select Troubleshoot.

  • Select Command Prompt.

  • If you type ipconfig you will not get nothing.

  • So type start /w wpeinit

  • After that type the following command to give static ip address
    netsh interface ip set address "Interface Name" static <ipaddress> <subnet mask> <gateway>.
    In this scenario you don't need to give <gateway>.

  • Now ping one of your servers in LAN to verify that you have access in network.
  • Type Exit
  • Click again Troubleshoot
  • Click System Image Recovery.

  • Click Cancel in Error that you get and click Next.

  • Click Advance.

  • Select Search for a System Image in the Network.

  • You will get a Warning if you want to connect in the Network. Click Yes
  • Type the path of your Windows Backup and click OK.
  • Select the Location which include the Backup and click Next.

  • Select te BACKUP that you want to Restore and click Next.

  • You can find additional options of Restore Points but because will proceed with full restore leave the default options and click Next.

  • Click Finish and the Restore will start.

  • Wait unti finish the Restore

This method can use it in this scenarios when you don't have any other solution to Restore the Windows Server that you want. It's not simple but it worth it.

Have a nice weekend !!!

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