How can Archive emails in Outlook 2013

Backing up your data is a good idea, you can avoid very bad situations. Except from your documents, pictures, video today emails is very important piece of data. You will show how can archive your emails and make it easy to use it anywhere.

Note: When you choose to Archive Emails all the emails from your mailbox will be moved to the Archive Folder.

You can configure Archive Settings with 2 ways. First is short and second more advance and enable AutoArchive.

Manual Archive Emails

  • Open your Outlook 2013 and select File.

  • Click from the right Side Clean Up Tools and Select Archive.

  • If you want to archive all your mailbox choose the first option - > Archive all folders according to the Auto Archive Settings 
  • If you want to archive specific folders choose the 2nd Option - > Archive this folder and all Subfolders and choose the folder that you want to archive.
  • Go in Archive items older than .... and choose Date that you want start and archive emails.
  • Click OK.

  • Now you will see in your Outlook 2013 another mailbox below of your mailbox with name Archives.


AutoArchive Emails

  • Selct File - > Options.

  • Select Advanced.

  • From the right side click the button AutoArchive Settings.

  • If you want to enable auto archive every x days check the option Run autoarchive every ……. And choose the number of days that you want to run the archive.
  • As you can see al the other settings are checked by default. I will explain below all the settings 

Prompt before Autoarchive Runs = Before start to run Archive you will get a popup that start to archive.
Delete expired items (email folders only) = You can choose to have e-mail messages deleted when their aging period has expired.
Archive or delete old items = If ypu want to delete emails that will be archived you must choose this item.
Clean out items older than = Choose how many days before you want emails to be archived. 
Show archive folder in folder list = Choose to have Archive folder list with the other working folders.
Move old items to = Choose the path that you want to have the archive pst file.

  • From all the options change only the Clean out items folder than ….. with the period (days,week,month) before that you want emails to be archived. Don’t need to change any other settings.
  • Click OK.


When archive the emails create a file archive.pst in the path C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst. (Default Path)
When finish the archiving you can close the Outlook, go in the Default Path and copy the file <archive.pst> in your external hard disk.

So you will have take back up your emails base on your settings that you have choose in Auto Archive Settings or in Manual Archive.


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