How can change Wi-Fi Channel in your Router

In previous article I explained how can find the best wifi channel for your Wifi Network. We found the best Wifi channel. Now what? I’m here to help all the simple users and explain how can change your Wifi Channel in your Router without need to pay any technician to do it.
Last step from previous article How to find best channel for your Wifi  was that find all available wifi in neighbor and see the channel that use more.
Let’s say that decide to change Wi-fi channel from 6 to 1. What need to do now?



  • Be sure that you have Internet Connection.
  • Open cmd console.

For Windows 7 

  • Go in Start and type in Search cmd. Just click on it.

For Windows 8

  • Go in the bottom of right side and Right Click in the Windows icon.
  • Click Run , type cmd and press Enter.

  • In blank screen type ipconfig and press Enter.
  • Find the line which say Default Gateway and note the number(ip address) because you will use it later.

  • Open the Internet Browser and type the number (ip address) in the Address and click Enter.

  • You will get a window that ask the credentials. Here is the difficult because you must know the credentials of your Router. If you don’t know it ask your friend or the technician that has setup your Router or call in your Internet Provider and ask them. 

  • When you found the Router username and password login to your Router.
  • Depends the Model of your Router maybe the location for the Wifi Channel configuration be different.

In my example I use a TP-LINK Router . 

For most of the Routers you can find the Wifi Channel in the Location which has the Wifi Settings.
Sorry but I don’t have another Router except from TP-LINK to give you another example.

  • Go to Interface Setup - - > Wireless. You can see the option Channel.



  • Clink on arrow and select number 1.
  • Go in the bottom of the page, click Save.

Be carefull if you have extend your Wirelless Network you must change in all Routers and Extenders the Wifi Channel. Unless your Wifi will be disconnected.

Very Simple without complexity and the time to do it it’s not up of 10 minutes.

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