How to create UEFI Bootable usb drive to install Windows 8/8.1

Before comes Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you made the bootable iso for Windows 7.Boot from USB and start to setup the Windows 7. Windows 8/8.1 don’t include the traditional BIOS. They use UEFI firmware so you must follow another way to create a bootable USB.
If you interest to read what is UEFI you can find a small description here and more details here.

UEFI is more secure and faster than traditional BIOS but here comes the problem when you try to boot from an iso file to install Windows 8/8.1. I have spent lot of hours until found the right way to boot from a USB to install Windows 8/8.1
As an IT when Windows 8 realeasedI download the iso,  create the bootable usb to start the installation but never boot.I change USB , download again the iso , create multiple times the bootable usb but every time the same results.
After lot of search I understand that must create a UEFI bootable USB to start the installation of  Windows 8/8.1. Follow I will explain how can do it and I hope to save lot of time.
To create UEFI bootable usb I use Rufus . It is small utility that create bootable usb flash drive. You can find lot of these utilities but the difference from other utilities is that offer 3 different partition schmeme to target the system type, such as those UEFI based computers.

  • Download the utility from
  • Plug in the USB flash drive in the PC.
  • Open the utility and you will get the following window 

  • If Rufus can't recognize your USB or you don't have plug in the USB you will have a windows like

  • As I say before you can see the 3 different partition schemes . The default one is the MBI partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers . Don’t change it
  • Find the option Create a bootable disk using ISO Image and click on the button.

  • Choose your iso file that you want to add.
  • Click Start.

Wait until finsh. Unplug from your pc and plug in the pc that you want to install Windows 8 or 8.1 Powen On the PC and wait until get the message Click on any key to boot from USB.

Very easy but YOU MUST KNOW the way. I hope to find interested my article and save your time. Do your comments and help to be better.

Buy and Happy new Year.