How to setup email on an Smartphone Android

Smartphones has lot of abilities and allow to access in different activities. Email is one of the activities that can access from smartphones. In this tutorial we give you the knowledge to configure your android smartphone to access in your private email. It's not so difficult and you can do it alone in 5 minutes. Don't forget that you must have an Internet Conenction to send/receive emails.

I describe the steps with the mobile Samsung Galaxy SDuo S. Maybe some steps to has a very small differences with other Android devices but 95% are the same

  • Click in the icon Apps.

  • Click in icon Settings. (If it's not in the first screen roll out and you can find in 2nd scrren.)

  • Go down and found the Accounts and Sync.

  • Click in Add account from the bottom of the scrren.

  • Click on Email.

  • Type your email address and your password of your email account. Click Next.

  • Here you must choose the type of your account. POP3,IMAP Or Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Account.
  • Except from Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Account which is for Busines emails i suggest to create an IMAP Account.
  • Why? Because if you create a POP3 account the emails that will send from your device it's not sync with your email. For example if you will send an email from your Mobile you can't see the Sent Item when login from your Web Browser or from Outlook.
  • Click in IMAP Account.

  • Here you must fill some fields. Like Username,Password,IMAP Server, Security Type , Port. You can find all this fields from your provider or search in Google. If you type for example gmail account settings you can find a Link from the Support of Google that give all these settings.
  • When you fill all the fields click Next.

  • With the same way you can find and this fields SMTP Server,Security Type, Port and when you finish click Next.

  • In this Screen you can use the Default Settings or can change by your requirements.
    Email check frequency means that every x minutes will check for emails.
  • Click Next when finish.

  • Fill this optional Fields or click Done without change.

  • Now will open the Inbox. Wait until synchronize your emails.


After sync finish successfull you can send and receive emails from Smartphone.

After some time probably you will cloese the email app. How can open it again?

Click in icon Apps and you can see the icon Emails. Click on it to open your emails.

In this article we explain how can setup your email on Smartphone Android for all emails an not for specific email like Gmail or This is the reason which not give more details for Incoming Server and Outgoing Server. 

If you need more details for your email provider you can write your comment or send an email in

I hope to find intresting your article and enjoy it.

See you in 7 days. 





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