How to Start Windows 8.1 in Safe Mode

You need to start Windows 8.1 in Safe Mode but every time that you have try with the traditional way to click F8 was unsuccessful. 

Windows 8.1 has change the way to Boot in Safe Mode and Advance Boot Menu from the earlier versions of Windows. Find 2 easiest methods to start Windows 8.1 in Safe Mode.

Method 1: Via Press ShitT Button.

  • Restart your PC
  • Press and keep Shift Key while Restarting the PC

Sometimes for any reason with this method maybe can’t bring you in Boot Startup Options. You can try with the Method 2.

Method 2: From Advance Start Up of PC Settings


  • Click Settings(the gear icon).

  • Find in the bottom of the Bar an option Change PC Settings and click on it.

  • Click on Update and Recovery.

  • Click Recovery.

  • From the Right Side click in the last option Advance Startup the button Restart Now.

Any of the Methods will bring you in the Windows Boot Startup Options.

  • Then click in Troubleshoot.

  • Click in Advance Options.

  • Now click Startup Settings.

  • Click in the button Restart (in the bottom right side).

  • After Restart the PC you will get a screen with the Startup Settings.
  • Press the number 4 OR F4 to start in Safe Mode.

The Windows Boot Startup Options except to enable Safe Mode has another capabilities also.
For example if you want to Reinstall Windows, Recover Windows or System Restore to previous point. Base on what you want you will must choose the appropriate Option.

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