How to unsubscribe from Email Newsletters

Do you receive every day too many newsletters and promotional emails? All these emails aren't spams but from legitimate organizations that you have subscribe in the past to receive newsletters or for any other reason and you have accept to receive the newsletters. For most of thems you don't remember it or you have subscribe years ago and you don't need anymore to receive the email newsletters. Most of these emails are annoying  and you don't need it anymore. But how keep you mailbox clean from all these emails and have better control?

Thanks to US CAN - SPAM act every legitimate company offer a way to unsubscribe from their newsletters and stop receiving them. Below i will explain how can do that and keep your mailbox clean.

Evert legitimate email that you receive will have a mechanism to unsubscribe and usually this is a link at the bottom of the email.

  • Open your email like a Gmail that i will explain in this example.
  • When you receive an email newsletter or from an old newsletter that you have receive go in the bottom of the email and you will see a link of Unscubscribe. Click on it to unsubscribe from the specific company and stop receiving the email newsletters.


  • Find all the email newsletters from different companies and use this way to unsubscribe from the email newsletters.

This only applies to emails from legitimate companies. But have in mind that the real spammers are outside the reach of these laws. So you could report a scammer to the FCC for not including the unsubscribe mechanim. It will help But it's very difficult to found these people because these emails coming from a botnet of compromised computers.

Most of the new modern email services like Gmail or has a great mechanism to prevent and stop receiveing this type of nasty spam very often. If it does click on the button Report Spam in Gmail and similar in other email services.


I hope to help with my article.

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