How to use Backup in Windows 8.1

In previous version of Windows you could use Backup and Restore to backup your files or create System Image Backup. But what happened the Backup and Restore in Windows 8.1Backup and Restore wasn't removed in Windows 8.1 . You can use File History to Backup your files on your PC or Laptop. You will be ask why change the name from Backup and Restore to File History? Really i don't know !!!. 

To backup your files with Windows 8.1 feature you must have connect an external device (usb,hard disk) or have access in a network location.

Are you ready to start?

  • Right click in Start Button and click on Control Panel.

  • Find and click on File History

  • By default File History is Disable. Plug in your External Device and Click on button Turn on to Enable.
  • From the left side you can configure more options if you want.

Restore personal files = You can use it only when you have already backup your files and need to restore it.
Select drive = If you have more than one external device connected in your PC you can sellect the appropriate device.
Exclude Folders = Select this option if you want to exclude any folder before start your backup.
Advance Settings = Here you can configure options like

  1.  Save copies of files - - > how regular you want to take a backup


  1. Keep saved Versions - - >how many copies you want to kept.

Take your choice, click Ok and continue to start your backup.

If you have only one external Device then will be recognize automatic. Click Run now at the bottom of the device that has recognize.

When click run now will start to copy your Documents , Music, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders in your external Device that you have choose.

Wait until finish the backup  or open your external device and find the new folder that created from your backup.

Now you are safe and you can restore your files in case that you have problems with your PC,Laptop.

File History has more  abilities like System Image Backup that will explain in next article.

I hope to find usefull the article and enjoy it.

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