How to unlock your Laptop/PC with your smartphone

Perhaps you use password to unlock your Laptop/PC but you want to keep your Laptop/PC secure. Thanks to Wi-Fi you can use your mobile phone (smartphone) as electronic authentication key to unlock your Laptop/PC by using couple of applictions. You can use your smartphone to unlock your PC without need to memorize passwords, without need to type your password. In this article i will show you how can use it and forget anymore the boring passwords when you want to unlock your pc.



What you need

For the most part you already have everything you will need. Here a basic overview:

  • Internet
  • Wifi
  • App in your Laptop and your Mobile.
  • App for Barcode Scanner (Zxing Barcode Scanner)
  • Mobile and Laptop Connected in the same Wifi.  


Let's star to explain with more details.

Afer my research i found only the Rohos Logon Key application for Windows that can use to unlock your Laptop/PC. The applicarion is Free Trial for 15 days and the cost to buy is 32$. For more details visit the website

  • Download the application in your Laptop/PC form this link
  • Download the app in your mobile from the below links and install the app.
    Download For Android , Download for IOS
  • Download an App for Barcode Scanner. You can find lot if appls in Google Play Store. If you don't have Rohos Logon inform you to download Zxing Barcode Scanner. It is in your choice.
  • Go in Laptop/PC Double click in exe file and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

  • Open Rohos Logon Client App and Select Options.

  • From the first Option click in Drop down list and select Mobilephone(Android/ios) and click OK.

  • Click in Setup Key.
  • Enter the password of your PC and will create a bar code.

  • Open the app in your mobile and scan the barcode that created in your Laptop.
  • Click in Scan Rohos Logon QR Code.

  • When recognize the barcode will send a signal in your Laptop. At the Same time will create the user below of the Touch the record to unock computer.

  • Click OK in the Rohos Client from the Laptop/PC to finish the configuration.

Now you can unlock your PC from smartphone.

To verify that works logout from your PC. Open the Roho Logn Key in your mobile and click in the user that created after the Touch the record to unlock computer.

See the results.


In this post we aren't include Mac and Linux but this Doesn't mean that you can't unlock Laptop/PC with Mac or Linux. I will try to write an article in next weeks to describe how can unlock a MAC/Linux with your smartphone.

I hope to enjoy my article.

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Have a nice weekend. 


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