How to upgrade MDT to the latest version 8456

New version of MDT build 8456 was release few days ago with some improvements and changes. It's time to proceed with the latest build 8456 that begins support Windows 10  version 1809 and Windows Server 2019.

But before start the upgrade we can see what are the changes in this build. The major changes base on Microsoft are:

  • Nested task sequence support for LTI scenario
  • Modern language pack support
  • Support for Configuration Manager version 1810
  • IsVM evaluates to False on Parallels VMs
  • IsVM = False when VMware VM is configured with EFI boot firmware
  • Gather doesn't recognize All-in-One chassis type
  • MDT doesn't automatically install BitLocker on Windows Server 2016
  • BDEDisablePreProvisioning typo in ZTIGather.xml

For more details and release notes open the

In this article we proceed with the upgrade from build 8443 to 8456 that there are no changes in the MDT 8456 task sequence templates. So after upgrade you don't need to create new task sequences compare with upgrade to build 8443.

But note that if you have earlier version of 8450 then you must upgrade first to 8450 and after proceed with 8456

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So let's start !

Before upgrade MDT 8443 to 8456

Before start the upgrade ,must be prepare with the following steps:


Upgrade ADK version to 1809

After prepare with all the steps that describe above we are ready to start the upgrade.

Because Windows ADK has not update process must uninstall the old version of Windows ADK before proceed with the installation of the new version.

So after uninstall successful the old version run the download file

  • Leave the default settings and click Next


  • Click again Next unless if you want to change the Send Anonymous usage data ...... to No


  • Click Accept


  • Select the following features
    Deployment Tools
    User State Migration Tool
  • As you realize the Windows PE feature it's not exist in Windows ADK 1809. You must download a separate add-on to install.


  • Click Install and wait to finish



Install Windows PE as separate add-on

Now it's time to install the Windows PE add-on 

  • Run the file and click Next in the first Step


  • Click again Next unless if you want to change the Send Anonymous usage data ...... to No


  • Click Accept


  • Click Install and wait to finish the installation. 


After finish the installation of Windows ADK and Windows PE do a restart in the Server.

Install MDT 8456

Installation of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit it's straightforward.

  • Run the file and click Next in the Welcome Wizard


  • Accept the terms and click Next


  • Don't change anything in features. Click Next


  • Again Next.


  • Click Install and wait to finish the installation.



Update Deployment Share to version 8456

Now it's time to open the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and proceed with the Update of the Deployment Share.

  • When you open the Deployment Share you will see a warning that must be upgrade the Deployment Share.


  • Right click in the Deployment Share and select Upgrade Deployment Share


  • Click Next


  • Wait until finish the upgrade and click Finish.


  • Now you can expand the Deployment Share.
  • Verify the version if you go in Help - - - About Microsoft Deployment Toolkit



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