How to use the BDRSuite for Windows

Today we give more attention in our Virtual Servers or Workstations and how can protect them.

However, maybe you still have a Physical Servers or you need to take backups a high importance Workstations or Laptops in your environment.

You will find a lot of different Backup Applications that can do this but today I will explain how can protect Windows Physical Servers or Workstations with BDRSuite.

BDRSuite for Windows can backup the Windows Physical Servers or Workstation , and protect them from data loss.

Let's see how can use it !!



Before start to play with this feature note that you must fullfill the following prerequisites:

  • Remote Registry service must be running in the Windows Devices that you want to take backup.
  • Port 42005 must be open in the Firewall



How to add the Windows Machine to the BDRSuite

Prior to the Backup Job, must be add the Physical or Virtual Windows, Linux devices that we want to use it.

  • Click on Vmware/HYPER-V/Windows/Linux -- Data Sources.

  • Select Add Microsoft Windows.
  • Click on Red button Add Microsoft Windows.


  • Give the IP Address or the DNS Name of the Device.
  • Add credentials of a Domain Admin or a user that has administrative access to the Device.
  • Select if you want to install the Agent automatically or manual. I have selected to proceed with the Automatic installation.


  • You will see a Window with some instructions, just click OK, Proceed.


  • Then you can see the Status of the installation. If you click on the circle you will read more details about the status of the installation.
  • Wait a few minutes until finish the installation.


It's very easy with a few steps to add a Windows Device for the Disk Image Backups.


How to create the Backup Joob

We added the Windows or Linux Machines to the BDRSuite, and the next step is to create the Backup Job.

So let's see how can do it.

  • Click on Vmware/HYPER-V/Windows/Linux -- Backup.
  • Select Configure Backup -- Add Windows , and select if you want to take a Disk Image or backup specific files and folders.
  • I will use the Disk Image for this scenario.


  • As a first Job leave the option Create a Job without using a Template.
  • Type a unique name of the Backup Job.
  • If you don't have setup the Backup Repository, you can read the article Vembu BDR Suite v5.2 Review to understand how can do it.


  • While  expanding the Device, it will inform you that a CBT Driver needs to be installed and the device will be restarted.
  • So , this task must be done out of working hours if the Device is in Production environment.


  • Wait a few minutes until finish the operation.
  • Select what you would like to install.
  • Something i didn't like here is that if you expand the device ,but device must be restarted or it's offline the device it's not refresh when it will come online. You must cancel the Job and create a new one.


  • Enable the Applicate Aware Processing if the Device include applications like Sql Server etc ..., 
  • Also you have the option to exclude files, folders that you don't want to backup.
  • For now we don't need to enable the Application Aware Processing. So click Next.


  • Schedule the Job.


  • Decide your Retention Policy.
  • I selected 30 version to retain.


  • Based on your IT Policy decide if the backup must be encrypted or not.


  • Do a review of your settings and click Save.



Now you are ready to start and run your Backups of the individual Windows Devices that you have.



It's not difficult to setup, without lot of steps. It's simple and it's not take lot of time for the configuration.

Also you can use the BDRSuite for Windows for free until 10 Windows Devices that it's a good number for a small and medium companies.