How to Use HYPER-V Best Practice Analyzer

Best Practices Analyzer it’s a Server Management Tool which introduce in Windows Server 2008 R2 and included in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Best Practices analyzer (BPA) helps System Administrators to reduce best practices violations by scanning and reporting any violation. 

BPA comes with 74 scans to see which settings configure with the wrong way and which settings not configure at all.

System Administrators can reduce the time to search for Best Practices and recommendation of Microsoft and find a simple report with what must be done to be compliance with Microsoft Recommendations.

At the same time will keep HYPER-V Host health and productive without problems.

Today I will explain how can scan BPA and take the Report


  • Login in HYPER-V Host.
  • Open Windows Server Management
  • Click in HYPER-V from the left Side.
  • Scroll down until find BEST PRACTICES ANALYZER.

  • From the right side click in TASKS
  • Click Start BPA Scan

  • Wait until finish and find the report with  Warnings and Errors.
  • As i can see one of my HYPER-V has dynamic virtual hard disks which not recommended.
  • Difficult task but i must change it!!


IT and System Administrators wants any Server healthy without errors. This is very helpfully tool to recognize errors that maybe have without know base on Best Practices and Recommendations of Microsoft

It’s time to start and use it if not already use it. Share with other IT Pro and System Administrators issues and experiences related with BPA in our commented .

Have a nice weekend !!