How to use mail merge in Word

Mail Merge of Microsoft Windows can save lot of you time if you want to create a form letter for your customers or this is one of the task that must complete in your work.

Mail Merge is used when you want to create set of documents or a form letter that is sent to many customers. For example you want to create a form letter which has the same information except from the name of the customers. You can personalize each letter to addrees each customer by name.

Before start if you have lot of customers or email address it's preferred to create a separate Excel with the specific details.

Are you ready to start?

  • Open in your Word the Form Letter that you want to sent in your customers.
  • From the Menu Bar go in Tab Mailiing and click on Start Mail Merge.
  • Select Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard.

  • It will open a new section from the left side.
  • In Select Document Type kepp the default option (Letter) for the specific Example. You can use and othe options as Email messages,Labels,Evnelopes and so on.
  • Go in the bottom and click Next :Starting Document.

  • In Select Starting Document use the default option <Use the current document>
  • Go again in bottom and click Next:Select Recipients.

  • In Select Recipients use the default option <Use an existing list>.
  • In Use an existing List click Browse.
  • Find your Excel file with your customers and click Open.
  • Click OK

  • And again OK.

  • Go in the bottom and click Next : Write Your Letter


  • Before proccedd select the area from your Document that you want to copy the addreess of your customer name or email address or anything else.

  • In Write your letter click More Items.
  • Select the first field Name and click Insert.
  • You will see that in the selected area will be change as <<Name>>. This is the area that will copy the data from the field.
  • Click Close


  • Clcik again More Items aNd Do the same for any other field that you have to insert.
  • When you finish click Close, Go in the right bottom side and click Preview Your letters.

  • Check that the selected Areas which insert the field preview the data from the Excel.

  • When verify tha all is ok go in the bottom and clcik Complete the merge.

  • Click Edit Individual Letters.

  • Base on the customers that you have in the Excel the Word will be create x Pages with the same Letter and different data in the selected area that you inserted.
  • Click Save and you are Ready.

You can save lot of time when you work with Form Letters or want to send multiple emails in the customers with specific Email Template.

That's it for now. Let's have nice weekend and i will be back in 8 days with new articles.

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