HYPER-V - How to Access Virtual Disk Properties

As IT Pro very often  create new Virtual Machines for Production Enviroment or for Testing. Create new Virtual Hard Disks for Virtual Machines. In Physical Servers Hard Disks are hardware equipment. But in HYPER-V Host the Virtual Hard disks are files with an extension vhd or vhdx.

Sometimes we need to know specific details for Virtual Hard Disk of a Server. How can find these details ? For Physical Hard Disks already we know all the details when we buy the Disk or we know where can find it after add in the Server.

Today i would like to expalin how can find all the necessary details of a Virtual Hard Disks in HYPER-V.

So Let's Start

Virtual Hard Disk Properties.

  • One way to find some details of Virtual Hard Disk is to open the path which located the disk and with right click in the vhd or vhdx file , select Properties.  You can see Size of the disk, attributes,  when has created but maybe it's not enough most of the times.
  • Let's create a scenario. You have create a Virtual Server but you don't remember if the Virtual Disk is Dynamic or Static. How can find this info? It's very easy but maybe you can't find it.
  • Open HYPER-V Manager
  • Select the Virtual Machine and from the right side click in Settings.

  • Click in the Hard Disk.
  • From the right side clcik in button Inspect.

  • It will open a new windows with Properties of Virtual Hard Disk
    Format, Type of Disk, Location, FileName, Current File Size and Maximum File Size.


Standalone Virtual Hard Disk Properties.

Except from the option to find Virtual Hard Disk Properties of a specific Virtual Server  HYPER-V Manager can retrieve properties of any Virtual Hard disk if it's attached or not in a Virtual Machine. 

  • Open HYPERV-Manager
  • From the right side click in Inspect Disk 

  • Select the Disk that you want to retrieve all the Properties and click Open
  • Find the properties of a Virtual Hard Disk.


When click Inspect the proceess that run in the backgroynd scan only the header data for the information. It doesn't perform any scan in data region for any corruption.

I hope to find it usefull info.

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Have a nice weeekend