Kernel EML to PST Product Review

Third-Party tools nowadays have become necessary, an additional part to fill the space which is left empty by the applications which cannot offer everything. Normally it is common that when you face issues or problems with a software product, natively it doesn’t hold the ability for a proper resolution.

EML stands for Email which is a file format and is supported by various standard email clients. If you wish to access EML file(s) with latest or still running versions of Microsoft Outlook you would need to download a special tool for doing so, as Outlook cannot open EML file(s) natively. Outlook supports PST file format, though in-order-to open EML file, the only way remains whether to convert the EML file(s) or go through a long process/method, which will be time-consuming and may be frustrating.

Kernel for EML to PST, a tool that comes around the same context. It offers EML to PST migration with a couple of options to choose from at the final stage of the migration process. Let’s walk through the Tool itself and find out the spices it offers, and how well it can fit in distinct versions of requirements.

Kernel for EML to PST tool comes from the house of Nucleus-Technologies – child company of Lepide Software Pvt Ltd, they have listed numerous salient features that the tool has to offer, on their website, and I’ll list all possible highlights of this standalone utility.

From the perspective of specifications, the tool doesn’t throw a single sign of being hardware resource hungry, 64MB RAM & 50MB of hard-drive storage are the minimum required by the tool to run, and it stands to work – installable, on a range of Windows Operating System – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 & Windows 10.

Well, it is quite common among PC users that they struggle from the machine’s performance they use and fast hardware is like a regular concern for almost every other software product, but it is not the case with EML to PST tool.


Accessibility & other features

Like all major software products, it offers Instant File(s)/Folder(s) Access straight within the tool’s GUI – Graphical User Interface, it lists all the internal as well as external storage device connected with the PC – Personal Computer (a Windows Computer) which also includes compact media devices like Pen-Drives & Micro SD Cards.

Though the point of accessibility cuts to ease, a user can carry EML file(s) on a compact media device, insert it directly to the PC and run the tool; it is more like plug-&-play.



Moving to the next, the ratio between the number of users who know how to use a tool at the first go to the number of users who do not have technical instinct is off-balanced. Most of the users need assistance on how to use the tool and how they can go along with the whole process, well that space doesn’t seem empty anymore.

Once you launch the tool, the main screen welcomes you with a mix of sections it is divided or classified into, and from those many, one section has the instructions covering the whole EML to PST conversion process, and that’s not it, you can convert the EML format file in MSG file format.


Advanced Search

Browsing for the PST file might consume a few seconds or maybe minutes, and if you forgot where you put the file(s) the last time you touched them, it'd be another issue in the queue. The Search option given in the tool lets you sit back and scans the system for all the EML file(s) you have stored on your computer and lists the final result on-screen.

For initiating the scan, enter the storage drive path and click on the search button, all the file(s) found would be listed with a direct link to access the folder comprehending the EML file(s).


Conversion Rules

The tool allows data – content refining; you can set Conversion Rules to command the tool for including and converting only those items which are necessary as per your preference. The option is not singular; you can convert all the items inside the EML file(s) by selecting Convert all items radio-box or set filters categorically and set the header to start the conversion from that specific point – as shown below.

Well, filters are not practiced commonly, but when you’re working in a corporate ecosystem or business environment, such underlined features come handy, because data is essential for business, you need it but don’t want trash or non-essential items.

And when the filter is set, the tool shows all the filter details, in brief, to let the user confirm the criteria & rules he or she has set; then you can proceed towards the final step of the whole conversion operation.

Save in Office 365 Cloud Account

You can save the EML file(s) to PST after conversion, but it is not plain and straight, you don't wish to create a new PST file every single time, though to tackle such scenarios you can save the converted file directly in existing Outlook PST with the Save in Existing PST File option available.

The option to save converted data in Office 365 Cloud account is all new, and for saving on Office 365 Cloud, you would need to enter the login credentials only.

From the perspective of accessibility, the option to save on cloud eliminates the need of any physical medium to carry the converted PST. You can access the data anytime, and whenever you wish via a stable Internet connection, among all the saving options, you can choose whether to maintain folder hierarchy or not by selecting Save in folder hierarchy option, this way you’ll have the same folder structure as it was before.



The company has made the tool available in two license formats – Home License & Corporate License, so if you’re an individual you can choose Home License and vice-versa for the opposite, but about EML to PST converter tool, it is not the best part yet. You can test and evaluate the tool before making any final decisions whether to buy or not, from the perspective of an individual, evaluation gives you enough room to use and then judge based on self-experience.


Final Verdict

Speaking on the verdict, it is absolute to say that Kernel for EML to PST converter is one versatile tool with all handpicked features, pre-given EML to PST conversion instructions would help a lot of users, and finally, the option to save converted file directly in Microsoft Office 365 cloud account is cherry on top.

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