Make International calls with cost of Local Calls

Today Skype, Viber app and lot of apps might be usign for free voice or video Internationcal calls. I use Skype and Viber for communication but what about when you want to have your own number to call landlines international ? Skype has the feature to buy a number to use it but from specific Countries. The costs for International Calls it's not low enough if you want to use it every day. I have try it but i disappoint when i realize how fast my units for calls finish. Viber is very good app but has the limitation that must have and the other user Viber app

So i do a resarch and i found a very good app and service for Voip International Calls. The quality is good and the prices are very good. I am sure that exists and other companies that has good services and i want to give me your opinion if already use one of them. 

The company name is Sonetel an you can find it in

How can use the Sonetel Service for your Internation call.

  • Select the country,City and your number that you want to have.
  • After this options you can check the cost of incoming calls after trial.
  • Click in button ADD THIS NUMBER.

  • Click TRY FOR FREE
  • Write your email address(Your email address will be your username) and your mobile number to receive a pin code.

  • Type the pin code after receive in your SMS.
  • Click COMPLETE.

  • Create a new account to have access in your services and click Save. Need some time to create the account.

  • When finish wil be redirect in page to sign in.
  • Type your email address that give to send your pin code and the password that have choose when create the new account.

  • After login you will see a control panel of your phone system.
  • From here you can manage your number or numbers.
  • You can create users, buy more numbers, create a voice app , check your payments for your numbers and more.

Let's see some options.

  • From the left side select Payments & Usage.
  • Here you can see the balance that you have. You can add more money for your call  or you can see the monthly account statements. You can get a notification if your balance is low and more....

  • If you have a small company you can use it as pbx system for your internal communication.Create extension numbers for your users and more....
  • You can download the app for Iphone and Android to use it with your mobile phone. Just search in playstore or itunes and do the installations.

Control Panel is very easy with lot of futures.I will not explain all the features because i don't want to be boring. You can create a trial account without pay and use it to check if can cover your requirements.

If you need more details you can send me an email at, fill the form in bottom of the page, do your comment here or in Google+ , Facebook

I hope to find intresting my article. Have a nice weekend.