Manage All your Social Accounts from One Place.

Social Media is part of our lifes today. Most of us we have account in more than one social media platform. Sometimes it can seem like an imposiible feat to keep up all of them. Check Twitter, Login in Facebook and like, Circles in Google+ and more more more ..... every day. Well after some research i found intresting apps that can use and keep all your accounts of social media platforms in one Platform.Already i use the apps that i will explain and believe me it's very helpfull.

Let's Start!!


I start with my favourite Platform. HootSuite it's not only a platform but a social media tool for business. It's more professional but and a simple user can use it for your multiple Social Media Platforms Account.

Users that need more that mulptiple Social Media Streams in one Window can use it and explore all the powerfull tools which included in this Platform. You can schedule your message that will send in different social media platforms, use analytics tool for your campaign and more tools. The Free Edition offer until 3 Social Media Accounts. If you have more then you can upgrade to Pro but you must pay.

  • Visit the site
  • You can Login with one of your social media account or create new account.

  • When you login you will see an emtpty page with some tools in the left side.
  • Click in Add Social Network to add your Social Network Accounts in your HootSuite. Very Easy

  • Now you can click in Add Stream to Add the Social Media Platform in your Stream.
  • Add until 3 Media Stream in your Free Account.

  • Now you can watch all your Social Media from one Place



If you simply looking to consolidate all your social accounts in one Place Alternion it is your solution. Alterion it's a web app that automatically pull down feeds from your social accounts Facebook,twitter,google+ and more. It's include 220+ social networks that can add in the Platform. It has some awesume features that can use a simple user. One of them it is the Email Aggregation. You can combine and manage all your email messages. I don't have use this feature yet but be sure that i willgive a try.

  • Visit the link
  • You can sign up with one of your social account or create a new one for the Alterion.

  • When you Sign up will open a page to setup your social accounts.
  • Click in the Button with the name of Social Network to add your account in Alterion.

  • When you finish don't forget to check the Show on News Feed for the Social Accounts that you want to see in the Feed of Alterion.
  • Click Apply Settings and that's it.

  • In the top left side Click in Home, Wait until update all the news feeds from your Social Accounts.

  • If you go in Settings you will see in the left side the option Email Settings.
  • There you can setup and manage all your email accounts from the Alterion Platform.

  • I don't have use it until now so i can't explain how works.

Alterion it's very easy to setup and use it. It has some good features but i don't have time until now to explore it. HootSuite it's mor prrofessional and it;s very good tool for business that use Social Media. 

I will keep the Article updated every time that i use a new feature nd woth it to share it with you.

I hope to enjoy my article and start to setup your Account in Alterion or HootSuite.

Do you have any question? Do you want yo share your thoughts. Write your comments here to share it with other users.

Be carefull and i will be here next Friday with new Article.