Migrate Altaro VM Backup Server to new Server

Backup is one of the most important task for IT Pro in small,medium, enterprise companies. Fortunately today you can find lot of backup software that can use for your backups. 

But sometimes Backup Server must be migrate to new Server. Most of the times this is not a simple task because you don't want to start take backups all your servers from the beginning.

Especially when you have lot of data.

In the past i wrote an article how can transfer Veeam Backup Server in new Server without loose the settings and continue the incremental backups instead to start all the backups from the beginning.

Today i would explain how can transfer Altaro VM Backup to new Server without loose incremental backups.


So follow the steps 

  • Uninstall Altaro VM Backup from old Server or stop all services related with Altaro.
  • The services are:
    Altaro Offsite Server 6
    Altaro Offsite Server 7
    Altaro Offsite Server 7 Controller
    Altaro VM Backup API Service
    Altaro VM Backup Controller
    Altaro VM Backup Deduplication Service
    Altaro VM Backup Engine
    Altaro VM Backup Hyper-v Host Agent



  • Copy the folder Altaro from path C:\Programdata\ and paste in the same path in new Server.
  • Install Altaro VM Backup in new Server.
  • After successful installation open Altaro VM Backup and verify the following:
    HYPER-V Host agent installation. You must deploy again the  installation of Agents to HYPER-V Hosts
    Altaro VM Backup Licenses. This depends if transfer the License. So you must check it.


Backup Location because password can't transfer from one server to another for security reasons.


  • After complete with the above tasks then go in Take Backups and start a backup manual for a Server,

  • Backup must start from the last incremental Backup and not from the beginning.
  • You can understand it because when the backup start you will see it in the Progress bar as First Backup and the backup it will take a few minutes. 


That's it!!! Simple and fast.

Believe me  that if for some reason must transfer your Backup Server you don't want to start all the Backups from the beginning. 

If you have Servers with TB it's absolutely nightmare.

Now it's your turn to tell us your experience if you have face problems with migration of Backup Servers. 

I would like to hear you !!!

Have a nice weekend !





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