Migrate Veeam Backup Server to new Server

Virtual Servers are part of our life today and most of the companies use Physical Servers to support Virtualization Technologies on-premises or in Cloud. Backup Software's like Veeam,Altaro Acronis, focus on Backup Solution for Virtual Servers.  I use Veeam Backup & Replication Software without problems from last year. Last Month i decide to Migrate Backup Server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 and Veeam Backup Replication to version 9. For first time i face an issue after finish Migration and install Veeam in our new Server. All the backups and Replications start as first time with Full Backup and New Replication without continue as Incremental from the last backup.

For small Enviroments with few Servers and small Storage Sizes maybe it's not a Problem. But for Enviroments that has Servers with 1 ,2 or more TB this is a problem. So i do a research and i found that you can move your Veeam Server in new Server and your Backups contnue from the last restore point.

So today i will explain step by step how can do this.

Take Configuration Backup from the Old Server

  • Open Veeam in your old Server
  • Go in Backup & Replication and Disable all the Jobs.

  • Click in the menu of Veeam Backup Console and select Configuration Backup.

  • Be sure that the Enable configuration Backup to the following repository is check and select the Repository that you want to backup. By default selected the Default Backup Repository which located Local in the Server in C:\backup
  • Click in button Backup Now
  • It will not take a long to finish. Go in C:\backup\VeeamConfigBackup and you will find the Configuration Backup file.
  • Close the Veeam and stop all the Related Services. Find all the Services which related with Veeam
    • Veeam Backup Catalog Dta Service
    • Veeam Backup Proxy Service
    • Veeam Backup Service
    • Veeam vPower NFS Service


Restore Veeam Configuration Backup in the new Server

  • Transfer the Configuration Backup file from Old Server in the New Server
  • Login in the New Server
  • Install Veeam Backup & Replication if you don't have install it.
  • Be sure that you have apply all the latest patch. Check for latest patch in
  • Setup all the Backup Repositories from the old Server in the New Server too.
    Backup repositories are locations for storing backup files and auxiliary replica files.
  • Click in the menu of the Veeam Backup Console and select Configuration Backup.

  • Click in Restore.
  • Select the Restore Mode
  • You have 2 Restore Modes.
    Restore  = Restore Configuration Backup file from unexpected lost backup Server.
    Migration = if you want to transfer your backup Server in the new Server.
  • In this scenario will select Migration and Click Next

  • Browse , find your Backup File and click Analyze.

  • This is a Summary of your Backup File. Click Next

  • Select the Target Database Name and Server. If you don't have change anything in the installation proceess you don't need to change anything here. Has find all the necessary info for the Target Database.Click Connect.

  • You will get a warning that the database contents will be lost. Click Yes

  • Verify that the Backup existing database before configuration restore is check. Click Restore.

  • A Warning window appar to say tha you must close the Instance of Veeam. Just click Yes.

  • Wait Until finish the Restore and click Next.

  • Edit the Credentials or leave it after finish the Resotre. Just to inform you that the passwords aren't transfered. So you must configure all the credentials now or after finish the restore. Click Collelct

  • If you get the Warning just click Continue. But be sure that after Restore you must check the credentials to find where is the problem.

  • Click Upgrade to upgrade all out of date componets. 

  • Click Start to proceed with the Configuration Restore Results.

  • When finish click Finish to Start the Veaam Backup & Replication with the new Settings.

  • Just for your info all the Jobs are Disable
  • Before shutdown your Old Server do some tests with the new Server to verify that you don't have any Backup or Replication issue after Restore.

Now your Backup or Replication will continue from the last Restore Point and you don't need to start from the Beginning with Full Backup and New Restore Points. It's very easy and you will prevent backup issues if your Servers has lot of data because its sure that will take a long time finish all your Full Backups and maybe one night it's not enough. This means that in production hours Backup will continue and the performance of the Servers and Network will be reduced. 

But what if after finish migration face the error 32768 when Replicate VM? 

You can find the article Troubleshooting Veeam Backup & Replication error 32768 when Replicate VM that give the solution for the specific error and believe me it's very simple and you can save lot of time try to find the solution

It will be my pleasure if you have your own recommendations or questions to be share in our commented system. You can help others or help yourself if share it. 

Have a nice weekend !!