Mount Server and Backup Proxy in Veeam. Where can use it?

Backup it's very important task for every IT from the small company with 5 users until Enterprise with hundred of users. In the market you can find thousand of Softwares for backup your data. But when you create Backup Strategy must have in mind and the Restore Process.

When the company it's small backup it's simple and backup tasks it not takes lot of time to complete because has to do with few GB's . When company grow or work in a company with lot of users then Backup start to be more complex.

Because of lot of data start to thinking for the Restore process , Replication and how much time can take to reduce the downtimes and RTO (Restore Time Object) in any case than maybe face.

As IT Professional you don't want to take offline users for long time after Server failure . 

If you use Veeam for your Backup and Replication Jobs then this article must read to explore features that maybe don't know.


Scenario 1

You have create new File Server with separate partitions for Share Folders. You must transfer all the Share folders from Old Server to New Server and the size of old Server is 350 GB. In the Old Server you have only one Partition and you can't Restore the Virtual Disk.The Restore process must be in  File Level. 

Before start to explain have in mind that it takes more time to copy multiple files from one place to another instead to copy one big file. 

DO you have try to Restore a Big folder of your File Server with lot of files in the Same File Server or in any other location. If you don't stop read and give a try to understand how much time take when you have to restore thousands files.

Here comes to take place the Mount Server. 

What is Mount Server. Veeam Mount Server route VM traffic by an optimal way, speed up restore process while reduce load on the network. 

Let's Start the Installation.

  • Mount Server must be install in Windows Server. So decide if you must install a new Windows Server or already have one that has the Role of Veeam Mount Server,
  • After decide and proceed with the Windows Server you must login in Veeam Backup & Replication Server. This is the Server that you have install the Veeam and run all the Backup Tasks.
  • Click in Backup Repositories.

  • Right click in the Backup Repository that use to save Backups and select Properties.
  • From the left side click Mount Server
  • In the Mount Server click in the arrow down and select Add Server.

  • Write the Ip Address or FQDN and click Next.

  • Select the credentials that you have add in Veeam to connect in  Virtual Servers.

  • Wait the Veeam to Detect any installation. When finish click Next to start the installation.

  • Wait to finish the installation and click Next and Finish.

  • Now as you can see the Mount server has change but you get a Warning for NFS Services.

  • Click Next and you will see an overview.

  • Check Import existing backups automatically if you want it unless leave it as it and click Next.
  • Now it will start the installation of NFS Services that need to use it as Mount Server.

  • Wait to finish and click Finish.

That's it. Now you have create a Veeam Mount Server that can use to Mount your Backups and transfer in the VM faster.

How can understand that the Veeam Server use the Mount Server to Restore the Files?

  1. Start the Restore Process from the Veeam Server
  2. Right click in  one folder or file and select Restore - - ->Overwrite  to Restore a folder or file in the Original VM.
  3. Click in Show Details and find a line which say that use xxx as Mount Server. xxx must be the Mount Server that install previous.


  1.  After Restore a file or folder go in the Mount Server to identify that the path C:\VeeamFLR\<name of the Backup Task> exist.
  2. Open the folder.Identify the Volume with the files that you want to restore.


Scenario 2

You have a DR Site to Replicate your Servers but the transfer speed it's very slow.

Find the full piece of Replication and how can create a good Failover Plan  in previous Articles

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What is backup proxy? Backup Proxy is a Server that can take the workload from the Backup Server hat sits between data source and target and is used to process jobs and deliver backup traffic. For more details you can read

But now let's explain individual how can create a Backup Proxy to use it in your Replication Site..

  • Before start the configuration you must setup a new Server in the Disaster Recovery Site to use it as  Backup Proxy.
  • When you finish open Veeam Console from the Replication Server in Production Environment
  • Select Backup Proxies

  • Right click and select Add VMWARE or HYPERV base on your infrastructure. Now will use VMWare Backup Proxy.
  • Click button Add New.

  • Type the Ip Address for the Server that setup Disaster Recovery Site. Click Next.

  • Select credentials that use for the specific server. If you don't have it select Manage Accounts and add the new credentials

  • When finish with the new credentials click Next 
  • Wait until verify credentials and Server Ip Address.
  • Click Next to start the Installation.

  • Wait to Finish and click Finish
  • Click Next without change anything.

  • Wait until Validate Server.
  • Now here you can create Network Traffic Rules.
  • But i will not explain now how can use it. Just click Next

  • Click Finish

Now we finish with the installation of Backup Proxy in Disaster Recovery Site. You can find the new server in the Backup Proxies

  • Select Replications
  • Right click in Replication Job and select Edit
  • Click in Data Transfer
  • Click Choose in Source Proxy

  • Select Use the selected Backup proxy Servers only
  • Tick only in the Backup Proxy of your Production Environment. In this case i have Backup Proxy in the same Server that use for the Replication.
  • Click Ok.


  • Click Choose in Target Proxy
  • Select Use the selected Backup proxy Servers only
  • Tick only in the Backup Proxy of your Disaster Recovery Site. In this case the backup proxy server that install before. Click OK

  • Click Finish

This is the configuration that need to use Source and Target Proxy for better performance. Start the job and check the logs to identify that use both backup proxy servers.

These configurations can help you to increase speed , Reduce Recovery Time but also Backup Time that you need to complete and take the Workload of the Backup & Replication Server.

But in any case When Backup or Replicate VM's can face different problems that must be resolve as soon as possible. You don't know when you will need it. 

Error 32768 when Replicate VM is the most often that i have face

For this reason i wrote the article Troubleshooting Veeam Backup & Replication error 32768 when Replicate VM to give the solution for the specific error.

If you face the specific error read the article and be sure that you will save lot of time without worry when you will resolve the replication.

Start the configuration , create the Mount Server or Backup Proxy base on your Requirements and come back to discuss your experience with the new Backup Infrastructure.