Move your files and User Settings from Windows XP to Windows 7.

You have decide to buy a new pc because the pc that you have is too old, most of the applications not responding and can't upgrade to Windows 7 because don't meet the Windows 7 specifications. But how can you transfer your files and your personalized settings of your user in the new PC? Where is your Favorites of your Internet Explorer? Oh my god i must configure from the beginning all the settings from Outlook!!!, I have configure Windows with lot of settings to do my life easier. Now in my new pc must configure all these settings from the beginning? Don't worry about this. You have a tool that you can transfer your files and your user settings quick and simple. 

Windows Easy Transfer is a tool from Microsoft that can easy transfer your pictures,files,emails and much more.It's included in Windows 7, 8 but for Windows XP you must download and install the software. The only that you need is an External Hard Disk or USB Flash Drive .Follow the steps and you will finish the transfer quick and without loose files and your settings.

  1. Download and install the application in your old PC with Windows XP from
  2. When finish the installation, Open the Windows Easy Transfer Files and you will see a Welcome Screen. Click Next.

  1. Choose the option An External Hard Disk or USB flash Drive.

  1. Click This is my old computer.

  1. Wait to scan for your files and settings and when finish you will have a Window Screen like the image.If you don't want to move all your files you can click Customize and choose what do you want. But it's recommended to leave it as it and choose what do you want to transfer when you restore the files.  Click Next.

  1. If you want you can add a password to protect your data unless leave it blank and click Save.

  1. Choose the path that you want to save the file. Click Save.

  1. Wait until finish.

  1. Unplug your hard disk or USB Flash drive from your old pc and plug into the new PC.
  2. Now go in your new PC with Windows 7 and click Start > All Programms ->Accessories ->System Tools ->Windows Easy Transfer.
  3. You will see again the Welcome Screen.Click Next.

  1. Choose the option An External Hard Disk or USB Flash Drive.

  1. Click This is my new computer.

  1. Click Yes and choose the path which is located the file that you save from the old pc(in your External Hard drive or USB Flash drive).

  1. Wait until open the File to restore your settings

  1. Check in the User and click Transfer. If you don't want to Transfer all your files and settings you can click in Customize and choose what you want. 

  1. When finish the transfer click Close. Don't open any option because it's very difficult to understand all these info.


That's it !!!!. Now you have transfer exactly your user, your files and all your user settings from the Old PC in the New one.

These steps you can follow to transfer files,User settings from Windows 7 to Windows 7 or from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

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