Grow your skills with HYPER-V , Powershell and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit with ebooks from Askme4Tech


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We have publish these ebooks to learn new things and help you to understand better HYPER-V , Powershell or MicrosoftDeployment Toolkit for better support, and administrate of your environment or your clients.




A Visual Guide for the beginners in HYPER-V with Windows Sever 2012 R2

A full guide in HYPER-V for the beginners that explain step by step with print screens all the basic features of HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012 R2.

If you have decide to work with HYPER-V this ebook will help you to learn how can use HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012 R2.

This guide include

  • Prerequisites to install HYPER-V Role
  • How to connect remotely in HYPER-V Manager
  • Setup the first Virtual Machine 
  • Understand Virtual Machine Settings
  • Manage HYPER-V Host Remotely
  • Advance Features of HYPER-V Virtual Network Adapter




Full Guide to convert physical machine into Virtual

A guide to explain step by step with printscreens how can convert a physical machine into Virtual with Disl2vhd utility and install the VM in HYPER-V.

If you are already decide to find a how-to- guide  how to convert a  physical machine in Virtual Machine and add to HYPER-V Host just keep reading and I will tell you how can easily accomplish this is in five minutes.

The guide include 

  • How can use Disk2vhd utility 
  • How to Convert the virtual machine with Disk2vhd utility
  • How to import the new Virtual Machine in HYPER-V




Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller to 2012 R2 Migration Guide

A guide to overcoming any challenge during the migration to Windows Server 2012 R2.

You are planning to migrate Domain Environment from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server
2012 R2? It’s a great Project and you will learn lot of things.

Find step by step instructions and critical information's in all phases of the migration that can help you to avoid issues that can cause downtimes in your Domain Controllers.

Keep online your Domain Controllers and do migration while the users working.