Possible cause invalid credentials in MDT 2013 after capturing

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is a tool that can automate lot of tasks. As IT Pro can use MDT 2013 if you Deployment Windows OS very often or work in large enviroment and you want to reduce the time.

Today I would like to describe the solution of the error that maybe face when try to Capture a Windows Image.

The error is the following:


Let's start to explain which is the source of the problem and how can resolve it.

In my scenario the problem appear when was try to capture a Windows Server 2012 R2 with the latest Windows Updates.

  • After finish the setup and all of the configuration in the Windows Server 2012 R2 , create the Task Sequence for in MDT 2013 to start Capture the Windows Image.
  • All seems fine until the Server restart and capture the Windows Server and was try to copy the wim file in the path that I have configure.
  • But 10 minutes later I get the error


  • I check the access rights, the credentials from the bootstrap.ini of MDT 2013 and all was fine.
  • So what cause the specific error?
  • After lot of troubleshooting and research I found the source of the problem in the following steps.
  • When the error appear click F8 to open command prompt.
  • I type ipconfig and realize that it didn't take ip address.


  • But why? I had give static ip address of the Windows Server 2012 R2 before start the capturing of the Windows Image.
  • When capture an image with MDT 2013 use sysprep. So sysprep remove all the unique information which included and the static ip address of the Workstation to safely reuse the image.
  • What we can do to get a static ip address again?
  • Type the following command to give static ip address of your interface
    netsh interface ip set address "Interface Name" static <ipaddress> <subnet mask> <gateway>



  • After type the command verify with ipconfig that get the ip address


  • Ping the server which has the MDT 2013 to check if can reply.
  • Click in Retry button of the Error to Retry again.


  • Then will start to copy wim file in the destination folder that have configure in MDT 2013.


To be honest I try to resolve the error couple of days. The same behavior can found when try to restore a Windows Backup from network folder in different PC, Server.

The solution is simply but it's very difficult to identify the source of the error.

I hope to find article helpful and valuable.

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