Remote Desktop Server Farms and Load Balancing-Part 1

Today i will start a big session for Remote Desktop Servers , Load Banacing and Farms. Remote Desktop Service or Terminal Services before Windows Server 2008 allow users to take control of a remote computer over a network connection. This is very usefull for IT ,System Administrators to control the Servers Remotely but we can use it in the users to connect in Servers and work remotely with full user profiles and all the softwares that need. 

You have lot of advantages if you can setup Remote Desktop Services  in your company but it's sure that you can't do it in any company.

For example if you work as IT in a Company with Developers you can't. Why? Because Developers need to install new Softwares to do lot of tests and install again Software's and Software's .... 

The appropriate enviroment for Remote Desktop Services are for companies that the Users use specific software's and nothing else.

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Before begin the instructions i have create the following scenario:

You must have 2 Servers (Physical or Virtual) as Remote Desktop Servers and one Domain Controller.

DC = Domain Controller

RDS01= Remote Desktop Server 01

RDS02 = Remote Desktop Server 02 

You must install Remote Desktop Services in RDS01 and RDS02 as follow.


  • Click in the Server Manager Icon from the Taskbar.

  • Click Roles from the left Side
  • Click Add Roles from the right Side
  • Click Next

  • Select Remote Desktop Services and clcik Next

  • Again Next

  • Select Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Licensing and click Next.

  • This is very import warning and explain that you must install Remote Desktop Session Host before any other application in the Server. Unless you will have Problems. Read Carefully and click Next

  • Select Do not require Network Level Authentication.

  • Select Per User

  • Leave it as it if you don't have decide the users that you want to connect remotely. We can add after the installation. Click Next.

  • Select Desktop Compositiion. For the users it's MUST because enable the Windows Aero and has better experience. Click Next.

  • Don't change anything and cick Next.

  • Confirm your settings and click Install.

  • Wait to finish the installation and Resart the Server.

  • After Restart the Server you must specify the License Server and select which users wants to connect in your Remote Desktop Servers. This is your decision when and if you must specify the License Server. Below just explain when you will need to specify teh License Server how can Add. 
  • Open Server Manager - - > Expand Roles - - > Click RD Session Host Configuration.
  • Click Add and select License Server.

  • After setup the License Server we must seup which  users will allow to connect in Remote Desktop Servers.
  • From Server Manager expand Configuration - - > Local Users and Computers - - > Groups.
  • From the right side open the group Remote Desktop Users and add users or Group that you have create in your Active Directory for your Remote Users.

The Remote Desktop Servers RDS01 and RDS02 is Ready to accept Connections from the users but we are not ready yet.

Open a Remote Desktop connection from your PC and connect in RDS01 and after to RDS02 to check that all works fine. 

When finish with the tests we are ready to proceed with next step that i will explain in Part 2 which is how can create the Farm and Load Balancing for the Servers.

I hope to find intresting my article and give a solution that you want. If you have any question do your comment here or send me an email in amd i will here to answer.

Be patient until next Friday.

Have a nice weekend

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