Server Manager Performance Alerts in Windows Server 2012

IT Professionals use Windows Server Manager to Install new Roles , Features , check the Event Logs or launch other Tools. Windows Server 2012 Server Manager has lot of changes. One of the change or betetr new feature because Windows Server 2008 it's not has the specific feature is the Perfomance Alerts that you can configure. Perfomance Alerts it's somethig different with Perfomance Counters. Don't confused.

One thing that you must know is that Perfomace Counters is far more advance of Perfomance Alerts in Windows Server Manager. Perfomance Counters is designed to show you what is going on with the Server Perfomance right now. Perfomance Alerts from Windows Server Manager is design to show you how many times the Server resource consumption level exceeded the values that will give as limit. 

Perfomance alerts can give you  longer time trends instead of Perfomance Counters that can give you second by second perfomance metrics.

In this article i will explain how can use Perfomance Alerts from Server Manager to monitoring Server Resources.

Let's Start !!!!!


  • Open the Windows Server Manager.
  • Click in Local Server and scroll down.

  • Find the PERFOMANCE
  • Click in TASKS and Select Configure Perfomance Alerts.

  • Set the values that you want to Alert. In the example i set when exceed 85% of CPU and  Memory Available smaller of 400 MB then alert me.
  • Click Save

  • As you can see in Server Name the Counter Status is Off. I must enable it before start to Count.

  • Right Click in the Server Name and select Start Perfomance Counters.

  • As you can see now it's says Waiting for data ...
  • It takes some time until start to count.

  • After 15-20 you will see the graph to start
  • After some hours you will see and the alerts in the bottom.
  • OOh!!! I have 21 Memort Alerts.

  • After some hours which include and the period with Backup Jobs to run.


It's not advance Monitoring but you can have an image of your Server when exceed Server Perfomance. After you can investigate in depth for the specific hours the reason for this Perfomance.

I need to know do you have use this Lightweight Perfomance Alerts from Windows Server 2012? Do you know it before ?Let's discuss it through our commented system with other IT Pro.

Have a nice weekend !!!