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How Start Askme4Tech

A few Years ago while search in Internet for an issue that i was try to resolve in my company i realize that i can't find an Article with all the Steps that must follow to complete. 

As i have reproduce the issue in MyLab and try to resolve it I found lot of incomplete articles in the Internet that didn't help me and some of them creates more problem.

Here comes an idea for a Blog that can describe Step by Step with simple Words and Pictures how can resolve an Issue,apply a new feature , proceed with a migration and more for simple Users and IT Pro.

At the end of 2014 the Blog was ready with the first Article and few Users of traffic.

Today Askme4Tech has turn only in IT industry with main Scope to transfer knowledge and be a QUALITY source for any IT that want to learn.


Where Askme4Tech can help you?

Users comes in Askme4Tech to find a specific articles , a new feature in specific Category , resolve an issue and with other common needs that has an IT Pro.

As a result i have organize the Site with the following categories to find what you want faster and easier.


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I trust that you will find the Askme4Tech a useful source for your knowledge. Please feel free to join in any conversation around the Site and share your experience with other IT Pro.

In any case that wants to ask me any question you can contact with me in or drop me a note in twitter or Google+ .