System Restore in Windows - What You must Know

Months ago i wrote an article that was explain how can use System Restore in Windows 7 and 8.1.You can read the article from How can use System Restore in Windows 7 & 8.1 . System Restore it's a powerfull tool and you can use it to turn back all your Windows System in previous restore point. So i would like to explain more features and how can use it more efficient for better results. The reason is one comment that i receive.

<<I do have a problem with the restore points deleting themselves. This hasn't happened to me just once, but a number of times already. I've had to look at alternatives to Windows system restore because of this, (ie Rollback Rx) which haven't had this problem. >>

I will try to give as more details as i can to understand behaviours that can face with System Restore.

Note: If your requirements are high for restore points like to keep all your restore point from the beginning that enable it , or need more customization then it's better to search for a third part software for your PC or Laptop.

Read carefull the article to understand if Windows System Restore can cover your requirements or need to purchase a 3rd part software .

What is System Restore

System Restore is a snapshot of Windows System Files, Program Files and Registry Settings.Can't use System Restore  to restore your personal files such as emails, documents or photos. You can restore your Windows in previous state without delete your perfonal files or restore it in previous state. If you would like to restore in previous state your personal files you must use the File History of Windows 8.1.

Increase or Decrease Disk Space for System Restore

When enable System Restore automatic takes a specific space in yoru Local Disk to use it for the Restore Points. Following i explain how can increase or decrease the Disk Space for the Restore Points or which is the Current Usage until now.

  • Right Click in Start Button
  • Select System
  • From the left side click System Protection

  • Go in Protection Settings , Clcik in the Available Drive which the Protection is On and clcik in button Configure.

  • Check the Current Usage to see how much disk space use until now.
  • Check the Max Usage to see which is the Maximum Space that can be used from System Restore Points

  • Click the  bar and go right-back to change the Maximum Usage For System Restore Points.

  • If you decide to reduce the Maximum Usage you must be carefull and take the decision base on the Current Usage to prevent any deletion of the restore points.
  • For example if reduce the Maximum Usage and until now the Current Usage is bigger then some of your  restore points will be deleted to free space.

When System Restore Run

We have enable System Restore and you are sure the System Restore Points start to created. After months need to restore your system in previous state and you can see only few restore points. Υou are wondering where are the others Restore Points?  When Turn on System Restore create  a Task Schedule that run System Restore. Also  every time which install a new software or Windows Update  a restore point created.

  • Right Click in Start Button.
  • Select Search
  • Type Task Schedule. Wait few seconds and click in Task Schedule

  • Expand Task Scheduler Library - - > Microsoft  - - > Windows

  • Find a Folder System Restore
  • From the right side check the Last Run Time
  • This is the Schedule Time and you can check if Last Time the System Restore Point created successfull.

  • If your PC/Laptop is power off the time that the system restore run then the only system restore points that you can see are these that created after software installation or Windows Updates.

How long keeps your Restore Point.

As i describe before when you enable System Restore Point then automatic a default space keeps for Restore Points. If you don't have enough space in your disk or the space that takes the Restore Points is very small then the space fill up older restore point will be deleted to take room for the new one. If you want to check how many restore points can have with the Max Usage Space that you have do the following

  • Right Click in Start Button
  • Select System
  • From the left side click System Protection

  • Clcik in button System Restore
  • Select Choose a different Restore Point.

  • Check the Show more restore Points.
  • You can see how many restore points you can have with the specific Max Usage Space.
  • In my example with Max Usage 5.19 GB i can have 4 Restore Points.

  • Base on your requirements you can increase or decrease the Max Usage Space to have more or less Restore Points.

When Restore Point will be deleted.

Restore Points can be deleted without Warning for any of the following reasons:

  1. Turn Off System Restore. Then automatic all Restore Point will be deleted without warning. So if after Turn on again you will not have any Restore Point.
  2. If Upgrade your Operating System,
  3. Proceed with Disk Clean Up and click CleanUp System Files.

I hope to cover all your questions and with this article to resolve any issue that you have with System Restore.

If you have questions you can write it here or commented in  Google+ , Facebook or Twitter.

Have a nice weekend.

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