How to take a screen capture in the Windows

How many times I ask someone to print screen a message, error or warning from the screen to send me with an email and the answer is  How can do that?

To capture a snip of your screen or otherwise printscreen it’s very easy, quick without need to download 3rd part software to do it. Let’s say that you get an error or a message in your screen and you want to capture it and send it with an email. You can do it quick and easy with 2 ways.


Method 1: With the button PRTSC from your Keyboard

In the keyboard you have a button in the top of the right side that write PRTSC or PrintScreen. Sometimes the button has 2 functions as END and PRTSC.

Click on it, open the MS Word or the Paint from Windows and click Paste. That’s it!!! You have capture all the screen. 

If click the PRTSC button and didn’t paste anything in the Word or other software try to click Fn (in your keyboard) and PRTSC button.

Method 2: With the Sniping Tool software from Windows.

  • Open the Snipping Tool

For Windows 7: Start - > All Programs - > Accessories - >Snipping Tool.

For Windows 8 and 8.1: Right Click in the Windows Key and click Search.

  • When you open it you can see Snipping Tool Software.

  • Before click on New button to capture a snip you can choose from 4 different options how can capture a snip. Click on arrow and choose one of the options.

Free form Snip: You can choose with the pen any area of your screen to screenshot.
Rectangular Snip: You can drag the cursor around the object that you want to form with a rectangle.
Window Snip: You can only choose to capture a snip of specific Window. One from Taskbar and one from another screen.
Full Screen Snip: You can capture the full screen of your pc.

By default it’s selected the option Rectangular Snip. If you click New you will get the form with a rectangle to choose the object that you want.
Play with the options to find what is better for you.

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