• Deploy HYPER-V Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2012 - Part 1

    One of the biggest challenge of IT today is to keep production environment healthy without downtimes. In IT world this means Replications, High Availability, Failover Clustering, Load Balancing. Today most of the Servers are Virtual Servers with Hypervisors to keep the Virtual Servers.
  • How to Enable HYPER-V Enhanced Session Mode

    HYPER-V in Windows Server 2012 has lot changes. One of them is Enhanced Session Mode. All we know that Virtual Machines don't provide any physical console that you can interact with like a physical computer.
  • Convert Linux Server to HYPER-V from ESX Server

    This week i choose to talk about Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC). You can use MVMC to convert Virtual Machines from ESX Server to HYPER-V Host. You can do the convers
  • Moving Virtual machine from one HYPER-V host to another

    Sometimes maybe need to move one of our Virtual Machine from one HYPER-V host to another hardware and HYPER-V Host. I wll not explain why must be done because everyone has the own reasons to do it. But The most common reasons that need to move your Virtual Machine are to free up space, free up resource of your HYPER-V Host or to change the hardware of your HYPER-V Host.
  • Manage HYPER-V Integration Services

    HYPER-V Integration Services are services that allow communication between virtual machine and HYPER-V host. When install a new Virtual Machine then automatic install a package of services which consists the HYPER-V Integration Services and improve the perfomance and manageability of Virtual Machine. If you need to learn more details you can visit Microsoft Technet Page at  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn798297.aspx .
  • HYPER-V - How to Access Virtual Disk Properties

    As IT Pro very often  create new Virtual Machines for Production Enviroment or for Testing. Create new Virtual Hard Disks for Virtual Machines. In Physical Servers Hard Disks are hardware equipment. But in HYPER-V Host the Virtual Hard disks are files with an extension vhd or vhdx.