• Compare VM before Live Migration or Import in new HYPER-V Host

    HYPER-V Host has a feature to Import a new Virtual Machine or Live Migration between 2 different HYPER-V Hosts.

    As IT Pro i would like to know if the Virtual Machine that you want to transfer is compatible in the new HYPER-V Host. Especially if the Virtual Machine is a critical System in your Production environment or a huge File Server.
  • HYPER-V Management Tools to use it

    HYPER-V has lot of free tools to manage, monitoring  or convert virtual machines. But how many hours do you spend to search for tools , test it and use it ? 
  • Moving Virtual machine from one HYPER-V host to another

    Sometimes maybe need to move one of our Virtual Machine from one HYPER-V host to another hardware and HYPER-V Host. I wll not explain why must be done because everyone has the own reasons to do it. But The most common reasons that need to move your Virtual Machine are to free up space, free up resource of your HYPER-V Host or to change the hardware of your HYPER-V Host.
  • HYPER-V - How to Access Virtual Disk Properties

    As IT Pro very often  create new Virtual Machines for Production Enviroment or for Testing. Create new Virtual Hard Disks for Virtual Machines. In Physical Servers Hard Disks are hardware equipment. But in HYPER-V Host the Virtual Hard disks are files with an extension vhd or vhdx.
  • How to Export and Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V

    Exporting a Virtual Machine is a great way to keep it as backup, move your Virtual Machine in another HYPER-V Server or Client HYPER-V OR archive a Virtual Machine that you want to deleted from your HYPER-V. It's a simple process and you don't need any third part tool.