Are you sure that your PC has Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8?

You have bought a new Laptop. Your are going home and open your new Laptop. All it's ok for few days. Suddenly after week or more your Laptop perfomance is slow, you may get blue screens and your Laptop has strange behaviour.You heard that Windows 8.1 is faster from any other Windows but you wonder with all these problems that you have. Are you sure that it's installed Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8? Between the 2 Operating Systems the changes are significact and Windows 8.1 has improve a lot. Windows 8.1 has lot of changes but i have write the most important of them that can help a user.

  • Windows 8.1 boot default to desktop without need to configure prior. So Users not confiused as Windows 8 which boot in Start Screen.
  • Better orgranize of Start Screen. When you go in Start Screen you can see all the default programms of Microsoft as Skype, Marketplace, Weather, Internet Explorer and more. But all the installed programms you can find in 2nd Screen when you click the arrow in the bottom of the Scrren.It's very simple without confuse the user when in Windows 8 has all the programms together in ine screen.

  • Shutdown included in Start Menu.In the Start Menu when press Right Click new Entry of Shutdown included. In Windows 8 you must go in the right side with the moure to appear the Bar ,Click  Setting - > Power. This isn’t remove from Windows 8.1 but you can Shutdown/restart  the windows with simple clicks without  need to search where can find this option . Very helpfullfor the user.
  • Changes to Search. In Windows 8 the system-wide search facility defaulting searching for Apps. You must change settings to search in different areas. Now In Windows 8.1 with the Search facility you can search everywhere included the internet .Just with a few click you cn start to search. Righ Click in Start button and click in Search.

Windows 8.1 has lot of changes but these are the most important that help the users a lot. Lot of users change opinioin for this version of Windows when update to Windows 8.1

Below you can find all the steps to identify if your PC has Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and how can update in new Version.

Step 1: Identify what version of Windows 8 installed on your pc.

  1. Go in Start button in the left side in the taskbar .See the icon.

  1. Right click and choose System.

  1. Below of the View basic information about your computer you can see the Windows version.

If it says Windows 8.1 then your PC has the update from Windows 8 to 8.1
If it says Windows 8 then you must update your PC/Laptop to 8.1.The update is Free and you can find in the Marketplace of Windows.

You must know that  it takes time to complete the Update in Windows 8.1.


Step 2: Update the Windows 8 to 8.1.

  1. Click from Taskbar the icon of Marketplace .

 OR  click in Start button to open the Start Screen and click the icon of Marketplace.

  1. When open the Marketplace you will see in first screen the Downlaod of Windows 8.1. Click the Download and then will start the update.


It's very simple and you will avoid lot of problems that cause Windows 8.



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