Use HYPER-V Live Migration without Failover Clustering - Part 1

Different reasons like storage space , lack of resources as RAM , CPU  or migrate to a new Server requested to move virtual machines in different Hosts.

Fortunately HYPER-V has many options to move virtual machine from one HYPER-V to another HYPER-V Host. 

Today i will explain a how can  use Live Migration in non Clustered Environment to move a Virtual Machine from one Host to another.

In the past i wrote articles that describe different Options to move a Virtual Machine in new HYPER-V Host

Export & Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V

Moving Virtual machine from one HYPER-V host to another

How to Export and Import Virtual Machine in HYPER-V

In Live Migration you can use different Move Options. 

Today i will explain how can use Live Migration to move only the Virtual Machine and not the storage.

I will continue in next articles to explain and the other Moving options that you can use with Live Migration.


Before Start to use Live Migration

If you want to use Live Migration must proceed with the following steps before start

  1. Source and Destination HYPER-V Host must be in the same Domain.
  2. Live Migration must enable in both HYPER-V Hosts.
  3. Must be turn on processor compatibility in the Virtual Machine that you want to move. 
  4. Storage of the Virtual Machine must be in share location.

Let's start to explain step by step how can proceed.


Step 1 : Configure Constrained Delegation (Optional)

This step is optional because you can avoid Kerberos Constraint Delegation if you start Live Migration from source HYPER-V Host.

Now if you want to use your Laptop with Remote Administration Tools then must proceed with the Kerberos Constraint Delegation

Before explain how can enable Constrained Delegation some can ask what is it?

Kerberos Constrained Delegation restrict the services to which the specific server can act on the behalf of a user.

Let's give you an example

Let's say that you have install  Remote Administration Tools and can Manage HYPER-V from your Laptop with HYPER-V Manager.

You decide to start Live Migration from your Laptop. The source HYPER-V Host needs to authenticate to the destination HYPER-V Host behalf of your user. Through Kerberos delegation source HYPER-V Host can request any service ticket for any service in the destination HYPER-V Host behalf of your user.

As you understand this is a security issue. So with Constrained Delegation can Limit source HYPER-V to authenticate user for specific services in the destination HYPER-V.

If you want more details for Kerberos Constrained Delegation you can read in Technet Kerberos Constrained Delegation Overview  

Now let's start to explain how can enable Kerberos Constrained Delegation.

  • Login in Domain Controller
  • Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Find the source HYPER-V Host , right click  and select Properties
  • Click in Delegation Tab
  • Select trust this computer for delegation to specific services only.
  • Select Use any Authentication Protocol.
  • Click Add

  • Click Users or Computers and find the destination HYPER Host.

  • select the services CIFS and Microsoft Virtual System Migration Service and click OK

  • Click OK.


Step 2: Enable Live Migration in source and Destination HYPER-V Host

You must enable Live Migration in both HYPER-V Hosts. Let's go to explain how can do it.

  • Open HYPER-V Manager.
  • From the right side click Hyper-v Settings

  • Select Live Migration from the left side
  • Check the Enable incoming and outgoing line migrations and configure the other options
  • In Simultaneous live Migrations leave the default value 2.
  • In Incoming Live migrations select the Use these Ip Addresses for Live Migration and Add the Ip Address of the Server.

  • From the left side you can expand the Live Migration and click the Advance Features.
  • Here you can configure the Authentication Protocol and Performance Options.
  • In Authentication Protocol you have two options .
  1. Use CredSSD. You can use it if you will login in source server to start the Live Migration.
  2. Use Kerberos.By default is selected and It's the more secure option.
  • In  Performance Option you can use TCP/IP , Compression and SMB. It's depends from you what you want to select. In this scenario will use the Compression method.
  • When you finish click OK.

  • Follow the above steps to configure and the destination HYPER-V Host.

Step 3 : Enable Processor Compatibility in Virtual Machine

This step maybe don't need but most of the times the Hardware we transferred the Virtual Machines it's different. 

To avoid errors through Live Migration enable the Processor Compatibility and when finish you can disable it if you don't needed.

To enable or disable it you must shutdown the Virtual Machine

  • Open HYPER-V Manager.
  • Select the Virtual Machine that you will migrate.
  • From the right side click Settings

  • From the left side select and expand Processor
  • Click Compatibility and check the option Migrate to a physical computer with a different processor version.
  • Click OK

Step 4 : Start Live Migration

Now it's time to Start the Live Migration

  • Select the Virtual Machine that you will migrate.
  • From the right side click Move

  • Click Next in the First Step

  • Select the first Option Move the Virtual Machine and click Next.

  • Type the destination HYPER-V Host or click Browse to search for the computer name and click Next.

  • Select the Move Option. Today will move only the Virtual Machine. Check the Move only the Virtual Machine and click Next.

  • To complete the Move click Finish to start the Live Migration.

  • It will not take a lot of time. In few minutes the Virtual Machine will be transferred in destination HYPER-V.


If you use iSCSI or NAS for the storage of VM's it's very useful Moving option without any downtime. 

In my next articles i will explain and other Moving Options in case that you have the Storage in Physical HYPER-V Host

Have a nice weekend.

I am sure that you have use Live Migration in the past. Talk about experience or tips that maybe help IT Pro in our commented system.