Vembu BDR Suite Reporting and Management

Last month i publish 3 articles of Vembu BDR Suite and try to cover all of the features and how can use it. IT Pro can use this guides to take decisions or help in configuration of Vembu BDR Suite while install for evaluation. 

Today i will publish the last article which will cover Reports and Management features.

So let's start !!!!



Reports of backups it's a very important task because you can keep healthy all your backups while you can check the status of the Backup Jobs and resolve in case of Failed. 

After Backup Jobs completed successful or not you can find Detail Reports which describe Status and errors of Backup Jobs that failed.

  • From the Menu click in Reports 
  • You have 2 Options Backup Status Reports and Image Verification Report.

  • In Backup Status Report you can see all the Reports from Backups (Successful or Failed).
  • As you can see you have another 2 Options. These are View Report and Schedule Email Report.
  • The View Reports it's the default Option that you can see all the Backup Status after completed

  • In Schedule Email Report you can configure to send you emails  Reports after Backup Jobs completed 
  • If you would like you can Add Filter to select which Reports you want to send you

  • You can check what you would like to send you. For example i don't want to send me all the Reports but only these from the Last day and which failed.
  • So i will know which backup failed to check the reason and resolve it.


  •  Image Verification Report lists every image backups configured to Vembu BDR server along with backup details. Until now i don't have configure and Image backup so i don't have any Report.


Vembu BDR Server include some management feature. From there you can Manage different Settings like Virtual Drive , Users , Storage and more.

  • If you would like to create a new Storage you can click in Management - - >Storage Management.
  • Here you can see all the Storage that you have create and also can add a new Storage if you need it. It's very simple.

Another one option that you can manage is the Virtual Drive.

  • Click in Management - - > Server Management - - > Manage Virtual Drive.
  • Here you can see all the Backups available of Virtual Drive and can be mount or unmount.

Of course you can create multiple users if the IT Department has lot of System Administrators and want to give access with different names in different System Admins.

  • Click Management - - > Server Management - - >User Management.
  • Click Create User to create the new user and give the appropriate Access.


After a complete Review of Vembu BDR Suite and cover almost all the features i can say that the Vembu BDR Suite it's a Backup Application that can cover most of the Requirements for every Company in very good price.

Vembu BDR Suite can cover multiple Virtualization Technologies include VMWARE and HYPER-V. The User interface it's very simple without any complexity.

I didn't find any issue in installation of a product and for the Agents of HYPERV.

The feature that impressive me as i wrote in previous article is that can Restore the VM in any Virtualization Platform without need any additional License.

if you have use Vembu BDR Suite you can write your experience in our Commented System or discus in  Google+ and Facebook Page .



Note that this review was sponsored by Vembu Technologies

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