Why i use Pluralsight to improve my skills

I write this article because i believe that if something it's useful and give a value  then you must share it in everyone else you know.

As IT Pro it will take me lot of time every day to search for solutions, new features, how to  in Internet.

Because time is money i try to invest in tools that reduce my time and give me the results that i want.

So these are 4 reasons that you should try Pluralsight (affiliate link)

to improve your skills or prepare for an  Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA Exam.



Train yourself before MCSA exams

In Pluralisght you can find series of courses which related in MCSA exams. For example if you search in Pluralsight for Windows Server 2016 you will find  a course for Windows Server 2016 MCSA.

Click on Windows Server 2016 and find the course Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740)

Now if you go in Microsoft page for the specific exam https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-740.aspx you will see the same topics that must be learn.

So it's very easy to do your lessons online and whenever you want instead of classroom or online courses that must be enroll.


Find training and courses from MVP's

Except from expert authors that create videos and courses in Pluralsight you can find and lot of MVP's from different categories like 

and more MVP's in different categories....

You can be sure that will be learn from people that really know the product.


Quality of Courses

Until now all the courses that i have watch are high quality and really improve your skills. I believe that this is the reason that the subscription is higher from other Platforms like Udemy.

To give you understand what i mean i have watch courses with subjects that already know to verify myself the quality and believe me it's worth.

Of course you can verify yourself the quality of the Courses if signup for a Pluralsight Free Trial (affiliate link)  . 


Phone Support

Did i mention that offer phone support?

Yes you call and talk to human if you have any issue without wait hours or sometimes days with ticket systems that you get used to from the other Platforms.

Sometimes maybe you don't care if will be answer in minutes or hours. 

But think about if you want to take an Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA exam and you have a schedule when watch the courses because you don't have lot of time and something going wrong.

Pick up your phone call them and they will fix your problem or answer your question.


These are some of the reasons that i prefer Pluralsight when i want to upgrade my skills or take an exam.

I am sure that you will find more reasons when start to use Pluralsight.

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